Welcome to Odense. We will guide you through this beautiful and old city. The city dates all the way back to year 988 which was during the Viking Age and before Copenhagen became the capital. The breath of history can be perceived throughout the city. You just have to let yourself immerse into it. Gory medieval battles have been fought and kings and queens have had their time in the city. Several monk orders, with their monasteries and churches, have put their mark on the city’s edifice. Odense is also the birthplace of Denmark’s most famous author H. C. Andersen, whom we will cross on our way through the city. Along the way you will hear about Flakhaven, City Hall, Sct. Knud’s church, where King Knud was brutally murdered, Brandt’s Clothes Factory, Grand Hotel, which was captured by Gestapo during the last weeks of Second World War, Gråbrødre monastery, Odense Palace, Sct. Hans church and finally Fisketorvet. Along the way will also be stories about myths, so prepare yourself for different experience in the beautiful and old city.